5885957335285760 masHKer 【現售】masHKer Pro Level 2 (黑色 成人) 50片 一次性三層過濾防護醫用口罩 【現售】masHKer Pro Level 2 (黑色 成人) 50片 一次性三層過濾防護醫用口罩 符合美國ASTM Level 2 醫用口罩標準,有效阻擋細菌病毒穿透,透氣度高,呼吸暢順不悶熱 口罩標準: - 細菌過濾效率測試 (BFE) ⩾99% - 微粒過濾效率測試 (PFE) ⩾99% - 病毒過濾效率測試 Product #: mashker-【現售】masHKer Pro Level 2 (黑色 成人) 50片 一次性三層過濾防護醫用口罩 2023-01-24 Regular price: $HKD$148.0 Available from: masHKerIn stock Not just the quality of the mask that I would give 5 star, its the quality of customer service that deserve it. I'm from UK and I'm deliberately ordering the "Made in Hong Kong" masks because I trust the quality and would like to support HK people. I place an order on 4 Feb and received my order on 12 Feb. Well packed, speedy delivery. They even gave me a choice of 3 different shipping companies to choose which offer different type of service. Keep up the good work!!! Support from the UK HKger!!! 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0